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Awards I win

Contest Prices
In october Kabya contest design  by xyratha I win 2nd with this xyratha-contest.gif image by arlequin_lain
In October zoey900 contest, my doll Helghast2 win first in “fairy of water” category helghast2
In zoey900 Fall Fairy Contest my doll get this gifts. THank you Sis your very talented!!!! 1belgarath1
In jadefarnill September Contest she made this beautiful stuff 🙂 Thank you!
In fairykisses  fall signature contest, I win firtst with these works
Asuchan  海の日 (Umi no hi) special event!
Jadefarnill Contest
In Asuchan contest (july 2011) I get this
In zoey900 neko girl contest arle win this great stuff!!

In midnightmoonassigment with my doll

In jadefarnill my doll xsejmetx won 3rd in vampire category 🙂

In last Asuchan contest, Arlekinlain won win. The theme was “help to japan”
In Fairykisses contest “Royal weedding” Arlekinlain got first with this costume 🙂 AnD won her firts ribbon!
In Lolita Elenita april contest “fire lady” category, my doll Ammon got 1st 🙂8ammon8

In dainaluvsuju easter contest ^^

Arlekinlain got 1st place, than you!!

In asuchan contest, arlekinlain got fisrt ^^Costume

In angelin “red” contest , got 2nd place 😀 thank you!

In Lolita Elenita Contest, yellow category my doll 1belgarath1 won first 😀 thank you!


And in the same contest, in green category my doll Hyousa got 3rd 🙂


In dainaluvsuju contest ^^

Regional costume, I try to create a “Adelita” costume 🙂

On contest of Yoana17 (march 2011) *black & white*

In cocoracxoxo cocoracxoxo contest

In Lolita-Elenita Contest

On contest of Yoana17 (february 2011) *Masquerade Contest* yoana17  yoana17