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Layouts, very beautiful site.

Animated gifs and icons


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I use this pages for get the scroll boxes 

CuteBerries DollieCrave DollieLove FreeGlitters GraphicsGrotto HotLyts MyGlitterSpace

When you copy scroll boxes code, there are two values: “height” and “weight”, you can change that values depends how long or short you want.

And you can change the link to background image too

for example in value:


you can change that link for another background link that you want, before you paste the link, make sure that your image is on photobucket, imageshack or some free server that allow hot links

I make my profile on Microsoft FrontPage (its old but very simple to use like word) but in fact u can make ur profile on Word ,too and change the file options to “web” “html”

Dont forget host images on servers like imageshack, photobucket ^^