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 Welcome to my Oh My Dollz Fansite
You find here some stuff for your profile. And my omdz stuff ^^! Hope like it! 

Feel free to left comments in my shoutbox, Dont worry if you see messages in spanish, Im mexican I speak spanish but I know always im playing in american servers ^^

Please read first my game rules before contacting me, because IM NOT A MODERATOR! I dont know how to resolve game issues and for lot of questions you can find the answers on forum -> FAQS ON FORUM
*This page its for pass time and play togheter, this is not official part of OMD game, its a fansite ^^ *
My button omdbanner.gif image by arlequin_lain


Current year~~ 

Added sites from tutoriasl (html, scrollboxes).
Updating Profile / Layouts from some of my dollz, and gifts received n.n


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OHMDZ My dollz

arlekinlain This doll was born after omd america closed.Its my main account since then
Many dollz tried to stole my account identity,copying my profiles and stuff.
French French Spain
Those are all my dollz at momment
Thanks for visit them!
German Turkish Italy
helghast2 White Fairy Themed Thanks for visit my dollz, all are underbuild & permanent expansion.
esternovack Trying to construct some Howarts school themed. EsterNovack younger brother.Trying to construct some Howartsschool themed.
Alt Pet *marshmallow – Bombón
alixa89 Doll used as alt when doing contestor other stuff at game. Little doll inspired of my little pet,called Bombóm
Song Song *Refer to Sand drift
eternalsnow Inspired in Anime and Manga”FullMoon Sawashite”and the song “Eternal Snow” hyousa I made the doll years ago whenbroke with a guy. Inspired in a song”Hyousa” by Rurutia. She exist toremember me, nobody can make

feel bad, everything will be fine


Vampire Vampire
jacknovack Jack & Devan are blood brothers,they born by same Sire, but bothare so different. Devan prefer have servants, Jack prefer have allies.
Demon *Crowned Prince of Hell Vampire *Egyptian goddess of war
ladyastaroth This doll born for enter some clubs. At end I like this doll a lot.Her style is more like fallen angel. xsejmetx This was my first vampire account.I love her dark style. Inspired invampire the masqueraderedemption game
Demon *Egiptian god of the ocultism Angel *Egiptian goddess of magic
8ammon8 Ammon & Serket born together,one for be red themed doll,and its a demon. 1serket1 Serket born to be blue themed doll and angel.
 Goddess *Goddess of hell and dead Spirit
holda Born to be Ancient Academy student.I take her now, I love the themedinspired in Hilda, ancientgoddess of death. This doll was created after seeingAdventure´s of Merlín,I loved idea of Lady of the lake.Called Seres inspired in water god

at Magicknight Rayearth anime.

Hunter Angel Child of thousand of springs
ladyashtar Doll inspired in Kate Daniels Series.Was a lucky found some itemssimilar to ones who appear in books. 1shiharu1 Originally born for be a mage,but she turns into pink themed doll,and angel. I think is one ofmy most pretty dolls.
Chocolate *Chocolate Coffee *Child of thousand of springs
xocolatl The chocolate doll. I think everyonehas a chocolate themed dolljajaja n.n
Xocolatl its nahuatl (Aztec languaje)name from chocolate.
shiharu Sister of 1shiharu1, she is the ownerof a coffee shop! Cakes, cupcakes,chocolate stuff! Come!We are at your service!
Purple SM
8ishtar8 Purple themed doll,now dedicated to the personI love!!! Inspired in sailormoon saga.Born for enter in Senshi Academy
princessmoon Inspired in sailormoon saga n.n neoserenity Second doll inspired in sm saga.
Book Book
amais Inspired on a novel by Alma Alexander”The Ember of Heaven”. Amais is themain character. liudan This doll is dedicated to a characterfrom a book by Alma Alexander.Liudan is a young empress.
Book Non Concept yet
xaforn This doll is dedicated to a characterfrom a book by Alma Alexander”The secrets of Jin-Shei”.Xaforn is a warrior of light,

noble and loyal to her jin-shei.

arleka Born for enter fairy academy,but seems was abandoned proyect.
Book Non Concept yet
Inspired in Belgarath Chronicle’s,old books about a first and greatmage called Belgarath. Born for enter Magic academy,but seems was abandoned proyect.
Book Valkyrie
1belgarath1 Inspired in  Belgarath Chronicle’s,this second doll is the mage itselfreincarned. Dollz inspired in Valkyrie profiles games.I liked a lot cus histories and graphics.
Valkyrie Valkyrie
The 3 are goddesses that takewarrior souls to fight at them side,as servants and allies. I tried to made on them the 3 valkyrieswith different clothes.
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My sweet daily voters

* NO matter if dont leave message, sometimes we are very busy in Real Life.

* Thank you for your messages, support and gifts. 


sierradaneramonnarheasilvialove84zarinenfaechild86naadarkgirrrlfairysnowangelfirejoyceeileenmadarayuuki07cookieseznikitaztsotsohaelinalady0filiadanutzik65ayletlittlemandyandybelrosered86verity123silverbastjenzg11emeralda1221magikgoddessshamrock96mikomiduplica16tahlenwingdoomsdoorsmadamlilyxzenafragolalaralola60selebytetydakikizmajn0regretswitch2004iponyx3123abbie651382hurtxgegex0925miley-mimiiloveangelkara94sweettears90sayhentressellecoolcat9823lilysummersaluralegendpurpleiriscindybradyyoanalavernedefaziosidney98meandmydogdarkelfqueenSilaSuperbkrunasaphie1holly90pantherloveracoongalEliseTastebirdlyrebabybanniwhitenights bloodyemosnicole194euphraxiaVinyaflorenceroseyfesslecrystalwatersjulieanne1976pinkpoodlesweetdiamondnehama12xlollipopbunnyxcocoberrywondergarden65blackrose65bookwormcristiana96emeraldlightkaddtuvabhhinata

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For enter left comment here on FORUM or send message to my Main doll “Arlekinlain“.
The competition will open 3 categories. You have until august 17 for enter the contest and be ready (SHOTS WILL BE TAKEN ONLY THOSE DAYS)
Between 20 to 23  I will announce the winners and begin to deliver the awards. Good Luck!
And thanks for enter, have fun!

August Contest

http://i658.photobucket.com/albums/uu308/shalynamonika/Icon/presente3cn.gif 1st Places   3 Graphic Sketch  + Diploma + 3 gamegift to choice
http://i658.photobucket.com/albums/uu308/shalynamonika/Icon/presente3cn.gif 2nd Places 2 Graphic Sketch + Diploma + 2 gamegift to choice
http://i658.photobucket.com/albums/uu308/shalynamonika/Icon/presente3cn.gif3rd Places 2 Graphic Sketch + Diploma + 1 gamegift to choice
http://i658.photobucket.com/albums/uu308/shalynamonika/Icon/presente3cn.gif All players got diploma + 1st sketch with contest costume.
Note: 1st sketch is from contest costume. 2nd and 3th sketch can be for your doll & alts, any costume, any room. Free to choose.


http://i658.photobucket.com/albums/uu308/shalynamonika/Icon/1008946tm1s3o7sxm.gif You need be active player (almost check your doll 3 times for week, thats  because some divas enter and won and never response!)
http://i658.photobucket.com/albums/uu308/shalynamonika/Icon/1008946tm1s3o7sxm.gif Each diva can enter ONLY WITH one account per category. Divas who dont tell me first who is your main will be desqualified. (The award can be given to your main account)
http://i658.photobucket.com/albums/uu308/shalynamonika/Icon/1008946tm1s3o7sxm.gif If you have more rooms, tell me which room is your costume.
http://i658.photobucket.com/albums/uu308/shalynamonika/Icon/1008946tm1s3o7sxm.gif I will not accept “screenshot” or pictures of the costumes (it’s hard for me to check pictures resolution and quality. I prefer to make the picture myself)
http://i658.photobucket.com/albums/uu308/shalynamonika/Icon/1008946tm1s3o7sxm.gif If a diva win and dont response in 5 days maximum, the award will be given to another player.
http://i658.photobucket.com/albums/uu308/shalynamonika/Icon/1008946tm1s3o7sxm.gif No need to wear the suit during the entire month, only the specified days. If I cannot find the costume in any room those days your diva is disqualified.
http://i658.photobucket.com/albums/uu308/shalynamonika/Icon/1008946tm1s3o7sxm.gif My friends in real life and I will be the judges, basically we focus on originality, creativity and personality as if projected on your diva. Not necessary have the best or most new items, use your resources, it is better to be simple and original.
http://i658.photobucket.com/albums/uu308/shalynamonika/Icon/1008946tm1s3o7sxm.gif Dont Copy others!
http://i658.photobucket.com/albums/uu308/shalynamonika/Icon/1008946tm1s3o7sxm.gif Dont use full sets, any player that use a full set will be desquialified. (Example: sailormoon set, catwoman set, full zodiac sets, quests full sets)
http://i658.photobucket.com/albums/uu308/shalynamonika/Icon/1008946tm1s3o7sxm.gif I always send a reminder of contest, 2 or 3 days before the deadline to be ready. So I dont accept more entries after deadline day!
http://i658.photobucket.com/albums/uu308/shalynamonika/Icon/1008946tm1s3o7sxm.gif And most of that… ENJOY!! 😀


Movie Character

Angelfire (LittleThings) *
bloodyemos (Xenakis)*


Anime Character

Angelfire (Animefire)*
Zoey900 (PSerenity)*
bloodyemos (Beebee45)*
melodie2 (yona-hime)*


Own Fantastic Character
Zoey900 (PrincessHinata)*
Bloodyemos (Saffi-Goldeen)*

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For October 2014, last gifts