Contest 2011, September


Celebrating Mexico Independece Day (September 15th) Like Every year my country dressed with entire colors. The essence of the mexican party its celebrate with family, friends, neighbors in a great big meeting. At 11:00 p.m. we scream togheter “Viva MĂ©xico” then a lot of fireworks burst in the sky. For our children this is the… Read More September

Contest 2011, May


MAY CONTEST The gifts was delivered   This is the main account for the contest CONTEST CLOSED +++ WINNERS Princess First 2 gifts 2 gifts Second 1 gift 1 gift Third 1 gift 1 gift Fantastic characters (sirens, elves, wizards) First 2 gifts 2 gifts Second 1 gift 1 gift Third t1 gift 1 gift… Read More May


October Contest

  October Halloween Contest My apologizes for retake the contest 4 months later!!! I dont know what Im thinking 🙁 Thanks to all for participating, for his patience and kindness. Some dolls and had all her gifts but never send them! (links). The gifts was delivered     prizes Firts of all the Special Gifts… Read More October Contest