About the Site

About the site

About My doll and my site

I was a MDD player, the game was closed on december 2010 and a lot of players change to OMDZ. The begin was hard and sad… We lost a lot of friends! But then the girls from omdz were very kind and cool! So the happiness back again! 🙂

My Rules

Dont Ask me for GIFTS, Massively votes, accounts (sell, trade), feez, for made your profile, dont send me your password… I ignore that messages.

NEVER COPY MY PROFILES! TRY BY YOUR WAY! Also I have a section with free profiles for you!

Dont ask for personal questions about me…

I always vote back

I speak spanish & english

I only made graphics for my friends and awards from my contest

In game send me a message if you wanna be my daily